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Delicious Grilled Hokkaido Pumpkin

Thanks to my Twitter followers, I started grilling Hokkaido Pumkpkin last year. Today it was a great side to the sausages I grilled.

For those interested, the recipe is quite simple:

  • slice the Hokkaido pumpkin in 3/4 inch think slices
  • douce in olive oil in a pan or foil (to put on the grill)
  • season with sea salt, and rosmary (or in this case some greek grill seasoning)
  • grill (not too high) for 10-15 min. flipping sides every 3-5 min.

Remember that this usually takes longer than the meat, so let it go for 5 min. before putting the meat on!

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  1. Spelling Nazi
    Posted 13 Sep &Sun, 13 Sep 2015 11:59:25 +000025q0000002015;15 at 11:59 am | #

    Hi there,
    great recipe! But you should “douse” the pumpkin. The other would mean sweetening it or an alt. spelling for “dowsing” which pimking in general are unsuited for. 😉
    Cook on!


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