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First BBQ on the Gas Grill

The beef BBQ (done the same way as the Brisket a few weeks ago) turned out a little dry and tough.  The temp on the grill stayed around 225-240 the whole time -> about 3.5 hours.  That should have been long enough for 2 – 1lbs. pieces.  After 3 hours, the temp in the meat was still at 165F, so I wrapped them each in foil.  They then rose to 190 within 30 min.  I grilled some Hokkaido to go with it, and despite it being a bit tough, it tasted GREAT!

For more about how I setup the gas grill for smoking see my previous post.

So what I want to know is….

  • Was it because of the cut of beef? fat around the sides, bone in the middle, not enough marbling?
  • Was it just too thin?
  • Was it because I didn’t use the mop today (thought I didn’t need to with all the steam/smoke from the wood chips in water)?
  • Was it because the cut of meat was not thick enough?
  • Was it because I sped it up there at the end (with the foil)?

Please let me know if you have an opionion!

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