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Smoking on the Gas Grill

So I spontaneously decided to try BBQ at work on the gas grill for lunch today. I googled a bit, and it should work.  I tested our Weber yesterday, and discovered I was  able to keep it around 230.  I have a the back burner on (it is a front/back system), and the pan with the meat in the front (indirect heat), and a pan with water an wood chips.  You are supposed to put the chips in before you start the grill for some reason which I didn’t bother reading since I was in a hurry to start the BBQ. I picked up two “young bull leg cross sections” (literally translated from German) at the supermarket, because those were the largest pieces of beef they had.  They are about 1lbs. each, and both are about 1.5 Inches thick.  I put the rub on that was leftover from the Beef Brisket – it was mixed with brown suger, and put on after rubbing the meat with mustard.

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